Car £30 p/w

Motorbike £12.50 p/w

Trickle charger £2.50 p/w

Re-entry exterior wash £25

Re-entry maintenance detail £40

Car / Bike cover £FOC (Only used with re-entry wash)

MOT £54 – Bike £30 plus 1 hour labour

Car Road Test – 15 Miles £25 plus fuel cost

Storage labour £25 p/hour


All cars that come in will receive a FOC wash and a record taken of any marks/damage on the car. Any damage to paint, wheels interior can be priced to be rectified at the time it is in for storage.

Each car is started up to temperature and left to cool a minimum of once a month. The oil, water and brake levels are checked on entry where possible and any drips/leaks are noted.

Trickle chargers that are supplied must be with in a year old or current PAT test in date. Any that are not we can supply and fit our preferred charger to the vehicle for £60.

1 month minimum term paid up front unless arranged otherwise. Special offers for 6 / 12 month pre paid storage.

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