New Car Protection Detail

We get asked a lot about new car protections and why my new car needs protecting. A lot of dealerships will offer you a paint protection package but the main issue with this is they are offering poor quality products and not given the time to do each vehicle so rushing the important steps.
We offering lasting protection that has been proved over the years and really protects your new car.

Wheels deep cleaned.
Door shuts and arches are cleaned.
Full snow foam pre rinse followed by safe wash process, using the two bucket method.
Tar and Iron deposits chemically removed.
Dried using microfibre cloths and forced air.
Vehicle is machine polished to remove any marks picked up along the way.
Vehicle paint is coated with a ceramic coating lasting 2-3 years.
Wheel faces ceramic coated.
Windscreen coated with rain repellent coating.
Tyres and wheel arches are dressed.
Interior is valeted.
Interior & Exterior glass is cleaned

·       Small vehicles: £495 
·       Medium vehicles: £545
·       Large vehicles: £595
·       Extra Large vehicles: £645 
·       Motorbikes: £295


Wheels removed, ceramic coated inside and out, brake calipers coated: £100
Interior Leather and fabric protection: £125
Extra layer of ceramic coating : £80
Alloygators: £125

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