Maintenance Detail

This service is designed for those who have previously had their car detailed and protected. A regular maintenance detail will help prolong your paint work protection whilst being washed safely. This is recommended at minimum of once a month.

What’s included:
·       The vehicle is pre-washed and then it is snow foamed to loosen any dirt.

·       The wheels are cleaned inside and out with safe products for each surface.

·       The vehicle is then rinsed.

·       The vehicle is then washed using the two bucket method with PH netural soaps.

·       The vehicle is rinsed again and then dried with plush drying towels and forced heated air.

·       A tyre dressing is applied and wiped.

·       A detailer spray is applied to the paintwork to enhance the gloss and protect against the elements.

·       The interior of the vehicle is vacuumed throughout, all plastics and leather are wiped down and all vents and dials dusted.

·       All glass and mirrors are cleaned inside and out.

·       Small vehicles: £40

·       Medium vehicles: £50

·       Large vehicles: £60

·       Extra Large vehicles: £70

·       Motorbikes: £65

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