Protection Detail
A protection detail will enhance the shine and depth of your paint work adding gloss whilst giving protection against the natural elements 

Depending of the level of service required, we offer the following treatments:

Wheels deep cleaned.
Door shuts and arches are cleaned.
Full snow foam pre rinse followed by safe wash process, using the two bucket method.
Tar and Iron deposits chemically removed.
Dried using microfibre cloths.
Vehicle is hand polished to enhance gloss levels.
Vehicle is then coated in the chosen wax protection offering up to 6 months of protection.
Tyres and wheel arches are dressed.
Interior is valeted.
interior &Exterior glass is cleaned


·       Small vehicles: £110 
·       Medium vehicles: £125
·       Large vehicles: £140 
·       Extra Large vehicles: £160
·       Motorbikes: £135


Clay bar option:£25 extra

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